Autonomous Navigation solution is very easy with
Yujin Robot's technology​​

Start with AMS-DemoKit-100!

Key Features

You can easily test the functions through the test program
provided by Yujin Robot.

Implementation of functional tests such as mapping,
location recognition, obstacle detection and avoidance

Provide a test program for easy and
fast understanding of autonomous navigation

Rapid and accurate technical support response
by the best technology team

Cost-effective and Improving your competitiveness​

Realtime battery level check


A to B autonomous driving, Obstacle detection and avoidance

Product Configuration

The product is largely composed of three types. The sensor is YUJIN 3D LiDAR (horizontal 270 degree, vertical 90 degree), The SLAM and Navigation solution are equipped with AMS-Navigation S/W through the control unit, and the driving unit is a sample robot developed by Yujin Robot for movement.​​

Core Components

Introducing three core parts of the internal structure.​
These parts are the basis of the autonomous navigation solution technology, and based on this, autonomous driving functions are possible.​​

Distance measurement 3D Lidar sensor


270 degrees horizontal, user adjustable
Scanning a vertical range of 20 to 90 degrees​ ​

ROS compatible, IP67 acquisition​

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AM Board

Advantech AIMB-286F-00A1E​

Intel® 9th/8th Gen Core™ i processor
(LGA1151) with Intel H310 chipset ​

PCIe x4 (Gen 3), 1 M.2 B key & 1 M.2 E key, ​
4 USB 3.0 & 4 USB 2.0 and 3 SATA III ​

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Autonomous Navigation Software​

YUJIN AMS-Navigation​

Create and save the map buiding data & Location recognition on the map ​

Obstacle detection and avoidance

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Used Environment
Product Specification
Obstacle detection height100 ~ 500mmobstacle passing standard higher than robot
Obstacle detection rangeMaximum 4mmbased on robot center
Moving speed0.3 m/s
Control speed of joystick0.3 m/s
Minimum passable widthMinimum 0.75m
Maximum number of virtual borders & no-driving zones100ea
Minimum width of no-driving zone2.4m X 2.4m
Max. distance for robot AP (Wifi) communication10mMax. distance for stable communication with test program
Batterylithium ion 4400mAh x 24S2P - large
Operating time4 hoursrobot full -time usage
Charing time5.5 hours
Lidar sensor scan range (vertical)-100° ~ 100°
Lidar sensor scan range (horizontal)-30° ~ 40°

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