Attribute Description
Collection Angle (Vertical) -
Collection Angle (Horizontal) 360 degree
Laser Safety & Class IEC 60825-1:2014 - Class 1 Laser Product (eye safety)
Laser Wavelength 905nm
Minimum Detection Range 0.03m
Maximum Detection Range 5m
Response time >50ms
Range Resolution <10mm
Angular Resolution Horizontal : 0.33 degree
Accuracy Within 15m : ± 50 mm / 15m or more : ± 100 mm
Dimension (D x W x H) 85mm x 65mm x 70mm
Scanning Rate 20Hz
Weight 370g
Data Output Distance, Angle
Enclosure rating IP 67
Points per second 15K
Temperature Resistance -10º ~ 50º
Power Consumption 5W
Material Cover resin : top window cover(PC), bottom cover(AL)
Certificate CE, KC

* The Specification and design are subject to change without any prior notice.

Key Features

  • Competitive Price
  • Small and Light 2D LiDAR
  • Horizontal FoV(Field of View): 360 degree
  • Laser Eye Safety: Class 1
  • IP 67: Reliable product structure
  • Certifications: CE, KC