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Smart Automation System (SAS)​

Smart automation solutions for automotive manufacturing, assembly, and inspection systems and logistics

The Smart Automation System (SAS) business unit has been around since 1988 with the founding of Yujin Robot. We build smart automation systems and solutions for automotive parts, semiconductors, and heavy industry manufacturing and assembly based on our tried and tested know-hows from 33 years of experience. We have many trusted client relationships, each client serviced with optimal system design and construction followed by meticulous inspection and maintenance and quick customer support. This year we are collaborating with the Autonomous Mobility Solution (AMS) business unit to incorporate Yujin’s GoCart mobile platforms to further optimize the logistics workflow in manufacturing and warehouse facilities.


Accumulated knowledge and trust from 33 years of automation business


70+ portfolios encompassing diverse industries related to automotive parts, semiconductors, heavy industries, and robot systems


Experience from 600+ projects equipping us with unrivaled know-hows and expertise

Smart Automation System


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Smart Automation System


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