Autonomous Mobile Platform


Autonomous mobile robot (AMR) system for multi-purpose,
open-ended applications in dynamic environments

What is GoCart

GoCart is an autonomous mobile robot (AMR) designed for multi-purpose, open-ended applications, such as in
logistics and material transport. With its proprietary 3D ToF LiDAR-based SLAM and intelligent navigation
technologies, GoCart boasts reliable mapping and localization, agile path planning, as well as fast object recognition
and avoidance without using any artificial markers. Compared to traditional autonomous guided vehicle (AGV)
systems, GoCart installation and deployment time is much shorter and cost-efficient, making it more adaptive to
infrastructural changes. GoCart’s compact size allows it to be highly efficient in dynamic and narrow environments,
not to mention wide commercial and industrial facilities like hospitals, factories, and warehouses. GoCart system,
validated through series of field tests, is compliant with ISO 13482 PL d level safety standards to assure safe operation
in public environments. GoCart system can be easily integrated into existing systems and processes, including
building facilities like elevators and automatic doors, to help increase performance and efficiency. GoCart can be fitted
with custom top modules, such as lifts, conveyors, and manipulators, making its applications limitless. A single or a
multi-robot GoCart system can be managed and monitored using Yujin’s Fleet Management System (FMS).

Key features

3D SLAM & Navigation based on YUJIN LiDAR
Smart interface with automatic doors and elevators via FMS
Industry-accredited PL d safety system (EN ISO 13482:2014)

Productive &

Adaptable &

Safe &

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