Smart Robotic Vacuum:
Enjoy 100% Hands-Free Cleaning

iCLEBO is a gift that makes life more comfortable by providing more quality time at home. With smart navigation and powerful suction, it effectively eliminates unseen dust and pet hair.

iCLEBO Intelligent, Everyday Cleaning Robot Vacuums

The AI-powered iCLEBO is the most world’s most advanced robot vacuum, providing peace of mind and convenience with its thorough cleaning with the latest technology.

Intelligent Cleaning Robot: iCLEBO

With more than three decades of experience and continuous research and development, Yujin Robot builds cleaning robots using the most cutting-edge technologies. By integrating myriad technologies, including innovative mapping systems, mobile lifestyle based WiFi control, and precise sensors for rapid recognition and obstacle avoidance, we set the standard for cleaning robots.

First released in 2005, Yujin Robot’s iCLEBO series accurately maps and navigates thanks to the application of best-in-class technology. It ranked first in the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) for cleaning robot function tests, and is the first cleaning robot to be selected as “World’s Top Product” by the Korean Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy for eight consecutive years.

Awards and Certifications

YUJIN ROBOT manages the entire production process from material supply, product assembly, to final inspection, packaging, and shipping, to ensure a zero-defect ratio in our quality assurance program. The iCLEBO robot vacuum is tested to endure at least 1,500 hours at 40° Celsius, as well as over 150,000 sensor tests for quality assurance.

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