Light Detection and Ranging


YRL3 series, 270° x 90° Wide Field of View

The Yujin Robot YRL series LiDAR is designed for indoor applications and utilizes an innovative 3D scanning LiDAR for a 270°(Horizontal) x 90°(vertical) dynamic field of view as a single channel.

Indoor 3D Scanning LiDAR, YRL3 series

We developed the YRL3 series for the robotics industry and to be easily optimized for any industry’s requirements with
functions such as object detection, indoor 3D mapping, SLAM, navigation.

Field of View


Enclosure Rating

Eye Safety

Key features

  • ToF (Time of Flight) single channel LiDAR
  • Low cost and compact
  • Wider Field of View : 270˚(Horizontal) x 90˚(Vertical)
  • Adjustable vertical angle
  • ROS compatible
  • Quick, scalable software support

“We provide dynamic customized solutions
for practical application in diverse environments.”

YUJIN SLAM & Navigation

YUJIN LiDAR + AI, YAL series

This package was developed for household cleaning robots.
Object recognition enables robots to distinguish rooms and to identify furniture locations, so they are able to clean via voice recognition.

Key Features

  • Furniture detection and room classification
  • User definable cleaning zones
  • Room types labeled in 3D maps with the app
  • YUJIN LiDAR and AI integrated solution

AI Process Overview

Target Applications

The YRL series gives you the power of precise laser control & proprietary advanced
core technologies to improve productivity.

Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

· Mapping automization
· Autonomous navigation controller


· Anti-collision
· Object detection
· Function area recognition



· High-speed precision control
· Hazardous area protection
· Collision avoidance and boundary


Yujin Robot strictly manages the production process from material supply, product assembly, to final inspection, packaging, and finally shipping, to ensure a zero defects ratio in our quality assurance program.

We have acquired international certifications, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 for consumer trust and security.


Kintex, Korea
28 – 31 October 2020