Autonomous Mobile Platform


Smart System for Logistics

AMS-MobilePlatform is an Autonomous Transport System for a variety of environments such as hospitals, factories, and warehouses. With its proprietary 3D ToF LiDAR and stereo camera technology, the AMS-mobileplatform is capable of safe navigation at an advanced level.

Open Platform for

Autonomous Transport Systems

AMS-MobilePlatform can be quickly applied to autonomous transportation systems in various environments such as hospitals, factories, and warehouses.



  • Autonomous Mobile Platform

    – FMS (Fleet Management System)
    – Interface with elevators and auto doors

  • CE, PL-d safety (EN ISO 13482:2014) : coming soon

  • Applications :

    – Intralogistics in a factory, healthcare and warehouse


The fleet management system (FMS) is a centralized decision maker running on a server, which assign tasks, control traffic, manages resources and monitors multiple robots.

  • Site configuration
  • Traffic control
  • Scheduling
  • Resource manage
  • Communication with other systems
  • Elevator, auto door control
  • Monitoring
  • Reporting