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At Yujin Robot, we imagine a world ultimately by humans and for humans. Our robotic inventions and solutions are focused exclusively on improving the quality of human life so that humans can exercise the freedom to do what they do best: create and innovate. Our vision is to provide the robotization capabilities to the world in which we live better together in coexistence with robots.

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Yujin Robot is Korea’s first-generation robotics company,
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Hospital and Healthcare Use for GoCart

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GoCart provides an autonomous mobile transport solution for pharmaceutical delivery and hospital intralogistics  Autonomous mobile robot (AMR) systems like the GoCart fleet are revolutionizing the ways in which hospitals and healthcare facilities handle pharmaceutical delivery and intralogistics processes, improving quality of life for both the workers…

Korea’s first ISO 13482 safety-certified autonomous mobile robot

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In January 2021, Yujin Robot’s GoCart, an autonomous mobile robot for logistics, personal service, and various transport applications, received Korea’s first ISO 13482 safety certification.  ISO 13482 is the set of international standards…

Autonomous forklift, driverless

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Forklifts are essential equipment in factories and warehouses for heavy industrial lifting, stacking, and transport. The demands for forklifts will only continue to rise as the demands for flexible manufacturing and faster goods-to-person fulfilment soar in the face of the pandemic.  Forklift operation,…