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You care about your staff—their safety, their workload and their morale.

Use robotics and automation to create an environment that allows your team to stop wasting time on menial, repetitive tasks and instead focus on what really matters: changing and improving the world.

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Yujin Robot is here to help you focus on what matters most: the core of your business. Our automation and robotic solutions create a seamless, efficient framework in which your company can successfully operate. From mobile cart delivery technology in hospitals to automated robots in warehouses, we offer technology that fits your company.

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What Makes Yujin Robot Different?

By Humans, For Humans

Yujin Robot is driven by one purpose: creating solutions that improve the quality of human life through robotics.

Affordable, but Without Compromise

Yujin Robot’s in-house development and production techniques lower costs while improving quality. You’ll receive cutting-edge technology at competitive prices without compromise.

Korean Means Quality

As a long-time leader in electronics, Korea is a wellspring for creative and innovative technology. You can trust in the reliability, effectiveness and quality of Yujin Robot’s products.

Everything Through The Customer’s Eyes

Yujin Robot’s commitment is to the customer. Every new technology idea, product offering and business decision is based on customer preferences and experience. From robotic process automation in healthcare to robotic automation in manufacturing, we are dedicated to addressing our customers’ specific needs.

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