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Autonomous mobile platform suite using our proprietary LiDAR, SLAM, Navigation, and FMS technologies


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Mobile Platform


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Autonomous Solutions and COVID19Autonomous mobile robotsBlogBusinessHealth Care
2021. 06. 29

COVID-19 and Autonomous Solutions

COVID-19 changed the landscape for many industries, and the healthcare and warehousing fields were affected more than most. Not only did the demands on both of these industries increase, their…
Autonomous mobile robotsBlogBusinessRobotics
2021. 06. 30

What Is an Autonomous Transport System?

What comes to mind when you think of autonomous transportation? For many people, it’s the image of a self-driving car. However, autonomous transport technology is much more than just vehicles…
Autonomous mobile robotsBlogWarehouses
2021. 06. 30

Overall Market Trend – Indoor Autonomous Solutions

The market for indoor autonomous solutions is poised to see higher growth this year than ever before. According to Fortune Business Insights, 2020 saw a 14.1% growth in the global…
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