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Autonomous mobile robotsBlogBusinessWarehouses
2022. 07. 21

Improving Safety & Automation in Healthcare

Patient safety has always been a critical issue in healthcare settings. In recent years, as healthcare systems have become taxed by more hospitalizations and severe diseases, many hospitals are seeing…
Autonomous mobile robotsBlogBusinessWarehouses
2022. 07. 13

How Autonomous Mobile Robots Meet the Material Handling Industry’s Needs

The COVID-19 pandemic, and the ongoing recovery from it, continue to add to employers’ staff retention challenges. This is especially true of the material handling industry. Now, for companies involved…
Autonomous mobile robotsBlogBusinessWarehouses
2021. 11. 10

How AMR Are Changing the Material Handling Industry

  The material handling industry is like every other in the 21st century: forced to do more work with fewer workers and at slimmer margins than ever before. Between staffing…
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