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AMR TechnologyAutonomous mobile robotsBlogBusinessWarehouses
2022. 11. 21

How SLAM and 3D LiDAR Solve for AMR Technology

    AMR Technology SLAM (simultaneous localization and mapping) is a method used for autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) that lets you build a map and localize your vehicle in that…
로봇 센서Autonomous mobile robotsBlogBusinessWarehouses
2022. 11. 7

How Sensors and Response Capability Have Made Robots Safer

robot sensor   The world of industrial robots has come a long way since the late 1950s when the first industrial robot, Unimate, took its place on the General Motors…
Autonomous mobile robotsBlogBusinessWarehouses
2022. 10. 24

How Hospitals Can Benefit From a Robotic Delivery System

Robotic Delivery System The use of robots for handling materials in environments like warehouses has become an effective way to improve efficiency, reduce workplace accidents and offset growing worker shortages.…
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