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Yujin Robot is Korea’s first-generation robotics company, a forerunner in the industry for more than 30 years.

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Robot help WorkersAutonomous mobile robotsBlogBusinessWarehouses
2023. 03. 14

The Robotization of Processes: Helping Workers Across the Globe

Robot help worker   In 2019, economists from Oxford University made a bold prediction: By 2030, they said, robots could be filling as many as 20 million manufacturing jobs around…
DIMAutonomous mobile robotsBlogBusinessWarehouses
2023. 01. 30

Introducing the Yujin Robot DIM Series

DIM   Introducing the Dynamic Interchangeable Module (DIM) series, the latest accessory development from Yujin Robot. DIM is an optimum robot superstructure concept designed to maximize the abilities and ROI…
Autonomous mobile robotsBlogBusinessWarehouses
2023. 01. 9

AGV vs. AMR: Which Is Right for You?

AGV AMR There are more than 3 million industrial robots currently in use in factories around the world. In the U.S., approximately 30,800 new industrial robots were installed in 2020…
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