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Yujin Robot is Korea’s first-generation robotics company, a forerunner in the industry for more than 30 years.

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Autonomous mobile robotsBlogBusinessWarehouses
2021. 11. 10

How AMR Are Changing the Material Handling Industry

  The material handling industry is like every other in the 21st century: forced to do more work with fewer workers and at slimmer margins than ever before. Between staffing…
Autonomous mobile robotsBlogBusinessWarehouses
2021. 11. 10

How Mobile Robots Benefit Workers

The words “automation” and “robotics” can be frightening. Many employees assume that bringing automation to their workplace puts their jobs at risk. Others, including managers and executives, worry that automated…
Autonomous mobile robotsBlogBusinessWarehouses
2021. 10. 22

What Are the Benefits of Autonomous Mobile Robots for Smart Factories and Warehouses?

Smart is the new normal. As smart factories and warehouses become the standard for manufacturers, implementation of these systems switches from a competitive advantage to a necessity for remaining in…
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