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  • 👉🏼 Title : Autonomous robot GoCart200 Omni for healthcare industry | YUJIN ROBOT
  • 👉🏼 Description : YUJIN GoCart200 Omni is an autonomous mobile robot that can be used in healthcare field, and hospital, with its proprietary 3D ToF LiDAR. it supports FMS and is compliant with ISO13482 PL d level safety to assure safety of robot operating in CSSD environment as a hospital robot.
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GoCart200 Omni

GoCart200 Omni

Autonomous Mobile Robot


GoCart200 Omni is a hospital robot that automates logistics transfers in hospitals, various medical fields, and healthcare facilities. It is equipped with functions such as 3D LiDAR, 3D sensor, and emergency stop developed by Yujin Robot, and supports on-board devices and interface modules installed on the top. In addition, it meets the ISO13482 PL-d level, which is an international safety standard certification.
The GoCart200 Omni was used in collaboration with Italian sterilization equipment manufacturer Steelco to complete the automation system for the Central Sterile Services Department.


Main Features

Support interface with EMR or hospital systems

FMS 썸네일
아티클 구분선(실선)

3D SLAM & Navigation based on YUJIN 3D LiDAR

아티클 구분선(실선)

Multi-floor operations interfacing elevators and automatic doors

아티클 구분선(실선)

Omni directional move with mecanum wheels in a limited area 

MicrosoftTeams-image (18)-2


GoCart200 Omni model optimized for healthcare field

GoCart Omni200
아티클 구분선(실선)

IP X5 Waterproof grade and a number of patents for application to hospitals and medical facilities

아티클 구분선(실선)

Optimized Solutions in restricted access areas such as Covid wards and sterilization treatment systems


Introducing Parts and Sensors

GoCart200 Omni


  • Product Specficiation

    • Dimension(L × W × H)

      1000 mm × 800 mm × 346 mm

    • Weight

      About 130 kg(286.60 lbs)

    • Container Loading Dimension(L × M)

      897 mm × 697 mm

  • Performance

    • Max payload

      Flat Floor : 200 kg(440.92 lbs)

    • Operating Speed

      Max 1 m/s

    • Traversable Step

      Max 30 mm

    • Traversable Gap



Industry Case

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More Case

Eyeglass Lens Manufacturer Sees Greater Efficiency with AMRs

“GoCart has improved our productivity by about 20%,” manufacturers said, noting that the company is looking forward to seeing how it continues to improve its performance with help from AMRs.

Assembly Automation

logistics automation




Check out the videos of our application in our YouTube channel


Product brochure is available for download.

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