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2019 Participating in RobotWorld

Visit this page to read about Yujin Robot's introduction of its first high-tech self-driving logistics delivery system, GoCart 60, at 2019 RobotWorld.

CES 2019 Lidar Sensor, Logistics Robot GoCart120 Demonstration

View details on the inclusion of Yujin Robot, South Korea’s leading service robot company, in the largest IT and consumer electronics exhibition, “CES 2019."

Sell at 13 Homeplus, Korea large retail stores

The robot vacuum cleaner brand iClebo will open stores in 13 branches nationwide and hold a special event to commemorate the launch. Click here to learn more.

iClebo Genie first launched Homeshopping

Yujin Robot’s robot vacuum cleaner brand iClebo hosted a home shopping launch broadcast of its latest robot vacuum cleaner “iClebo Genie.” Click here for more.

Robot Cleaner ‘iClebo Genie

An innovation in autonomous mobile robots, iClebo Genie is a robot vacuum cleaner that has a water duster function and inhalation cleaning. Click here for more.

8th consecutive year of world’s top-class

A leader in autonomous mobile robots, Yujin Robot has been selected as the “current world’s premier product” for the 8th consecutive year for the iClebo brand.

New office building in Songdo, Incheon

Yujin Robots held a ceremony to mark the completion of its building for Yujin Robot at its new building in Songdo International City, Incheon Korea. Learn more.

Prepare for the future of your business with the latest insights for digital transformation.

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