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Smart Factory Logistics Automation

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Smart Factory Logistics Automation


Yujin Robot is applying logistics automation and factory automation based on autonomous mobility technology to various areas from industrial sites to daily life. Based on the technology of the first-generation robot company in Korea, we have independently developed SLAM, Navigation, and 3D LiDAR, which are robot construction units, and through the autonomous driving mobile platform GoCart, we complete logistics automation and factory automation systems that increase production efficiency and provide customer satisfaction value through end-to-end robotics solutions in factories, warehouses, and hospitals.

In line with the trends such as unmanned vehicles and the acceleration of the logistics industry, which are spreading in line with the 4th industrial era, Yujin Robot completes the factory logistics automation system by incorporating its own AMR and GoCart into the field where logistics transfer frequently occurs. It boasts optimal productivity according to various in-site processes, ensures safety, and maximizes efficiency by minimizing unnecessary manpower.


Logistics Automation Solutions

factory automation
smart automation system
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Real-time on-site monitoring
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of YUJIN ROBOT’s factory logistics automation solutions


1) Improvement of production efficiency

Reduced on-the-job errors, ensuring fast and safe productivity


2) Safe working environment

Prevention of worker injuries and completion of a pleasant working environment

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3) Reduction of operating costs

Unnecessary cost and efficient staffing


Factory Logistics Automation Solution Features

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GoCart AMR Improves Efficiency & Safety for Korean Warehouse

The GoCarts are fully integrated within the company’s warehouse management system (WMS), order-picking solution and DPS system and move automatically to designated points, allowing the stationary workers in their assigned zones to pick up and fulfill orders and transport goods to the final packing zone. Three months post-implementation, the warehouse has seen significant improvements.




Cutting Tools Manufacturer Sees Improved Delivery Processes with AMRs

A Korean manufacturer has been at the forefront of innovation in cutting tool products, such as milling cutters, drills and forming tools, for 47 years. Boasting a rich history of continuous improvement, commitment to quality and adaptation to the latest technological advances, this Korean leader with a worldwide presence is now embracing a new wave of innovation with the adoption of Yujin Robot’s GoCart AMRs.

Logistics Automation



Eyeglass Lens Manufacturer Sees Greater Efficiency with AMRs

“GoCart has improved our productivity by about 20%,” manufacturers said, noting that the company is looking forward to seeing how it continues to improve its performance with help from AMRs.

Assembly Automation

Logistics Automation




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