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  • 👉🏼 Title : Unmanned Hospital robot delivery for medical supplies or meals | YUJIN ROBOT
  • 👉🏼 Description : YUJIN ROBOT’s AMR GoCart application as a hospital robot in the healthcare field. Unmanned delivery system for medical instruments, meals, etc.
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Healthcare Logistics Automation

Automation of intra-hospital logistics transfer through GoCart

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Healthcare Logistics Automation


As applications and technologies continue to grow, hospital robots are being applied to a wide range of fields as a key means of positioning hospitals and other healthcare facilities in the future. Hospital robots are applied to various fields, such as medicine transport robots that transport medicines and specimens between wards, visitor guidance, and visitor rounding robots that periodically check the health status of patients, and other logistics processes that transport laundry, mail, food, etc.

By deploying AMR in hospitals, you can see various effects, such as increasing work efficiency and reducing the cost burden and the possibility of worker injury. Yujin Robot has successfully established an automation system by deploying AMR in various hospitals in Korea and overseas.


Yujin Robot's
Features of healthcare logistics automation solution

1. Proven autonomous driving technology

Based on over 30 years of robot technology know-how, we independently developed and supplied GoCart180, 250, and 200 Omni models optimized for the healthcare field.

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  • GoCart250-SD-Front left
  • GC-Omni200_Front-Left-1
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아티클 구분선(실선)

2. Healthcare logistics robot

It can be used to transport medicinal materials or various specimens between wards and is applied as an automated solution that can also be applied in restricted access areas such as Covid-19 wards and sterilization facilities.

아티클 구분선(실선)

3. Guidance/rounding robot

Applied as a guidance robot for customers visiting hospitals and medical facilities, and as a rounding robot that moves around hospital rooms to periodically check the health of patients.

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아티클 구분선(실선)

4. Other Applications

Healthcare logistics robots can be utilized for other applications such as laundry, meals, medication, lab samples, etc. for hospitals and nursing homes.

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5. Safety certification with IP rating

GoCart 200 Ommi certified IP X5 rating for CSSD (Central Sterile Supply Department) applications.


Case Studies

Case Study Go-cart for central sterilization supply room (Steelco CSSD)


Italian medical sterilization equipment manufacturer Steelco & German Miele


GoCart 200 Omni + YUJIN FMS (Fleet Management System) + Steelco Automatic Transport System (ATS)


Surgical tool sterilization system

고카트 옴니 200
아티클 구분선(실선)

Case Study 2. Application of a hospital robot for transporting medicinal materials in the corona ward


Slovenia Slovenj Grandec General Hospital


GoCart250 + YUJIN FMS (Fleet Management System)


Medicine transfer, elevator/automatic door linkage

아티클 구분선(실선)

Case Study 3. Establishment of GoCart and YUJIN FMS linkage system within the hospital


Eulji University Hospital


GoCart Mini + YUJIN FMS (Fleet Management System)


Transfer of various specimens between the health examination center and the laboratory medicine ward



Dynamic Interchangeable Module

GoCart supports various on-vehicle devices for various purposes.

The DIM series allows for easy replacement of the upper module, allowing multitasking of multiple modules with one robot depending on the application environment, and features a modular design that allows customization of the robot's functions to meet specific needs. By combining various onboard devices, we can support transportation automation optimized for the customer's environment.


DIM 1 Series (Fixed Lift Transport Module)

Pallet Lift Type, Lift Loading Rack Type

Pallet Lift/ Lift Loading Rack Type

DIM 2 Series (Mobile Lift Transport Module)

Lift Loading Rack Type

Lift Loading Rack Type


Fixed Top Module

Fixed Top Module


Robot control system

Fleet Management System

YUJIN Robot Management System (FMS, Fleet Management System) is Yujin Robot’s centralized multi-robot management software that runs on a server. FMS manages the operation of the GoCart AMR robot in a multi-story building, supports task allocation of scheduled tasks to the optimal robot through the GUI, prevents deadlocks and bottlenecks during operation, and supports other IoT systems (MES, ERP, etc.) ), you can expand the operating range as needed.

YUJIN FMS configuration

Yujin Robot provides ROCON (RObotics in CONcert), a FMS (robot control system) software platform that can install, operate, and monitor a single mobile robot or multiple robots in a variety of indoor environments. Just like at a concert, ROCON allows robots to be harmoniously integrated with external infrastructure, including elevators, automatic doors, IoT devices, and IT services. To use the ROCON platform, Yujin Robot provides our proprietary FMS software, Concert (FMS server software), Balcony, and FMUI (Robot Control System User Interface), as well as the FMS main server device.


FMS Server

It is a mini PC device that includes the software Concert. Manage your entire network and implement optimal workflow.

FMS 설명

사용자가 각 로봇에 작업을 지정할 수 있는 GUI를 제공하며 반복 작업 예약 또는 대기 상태로 설정이 가능합니다. 작업 이력을 확인하고 로봇 상태를 실시간으로 모니터링 합니다.


주요 위치를 설정할 수 있는 GUI를 제공하며 엘리베이터와 자동문을 표시하고 편집하는 역할을 합니다. 또한 로봇이 지도상 자신의 위치를 인식하고 경로 계획을 할 수 있도록 지원합니다.




YUJIN’s Autonomous Solution Meets Myungse’s Meal Trolley

Autonomous mobile robots meal trolleys navigate themselves to deliver fresh meals to patients in a safe and timely manner. See how AMRs are changing healthcare.

Health Care

Autonomous mobile robots

Specification Yujin Robot's autonomous solution applied to the dispensing cart

Yujin Robot's end-to-end robotics solution solves the problem exactly. After a detailed consulting session, Yujin Robot's skilled engineers decided to completely transform the existing distribution cart into an unmanned autonomous machine that roams through hospital corridors.





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