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Prepare your business for the future with the latest insights for digital transformation.
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What Is Obstacle Detection and Avoidance in AMRs?

AMRs have autonomous driving technology that allow them to move intelligently. Learn more about obstacle detection and obstacle avoidance for robots.

Enhancing Workplace Safety: Adding AMRs with Care and Compliance

Yes, AMRs increase efficiency in the workplace, but they also keep workers safer. Read this blog post to learn all about industrial robot safety standards.

Autonomous Mobile Robots: Applications Trend Analysis

How is the payload in robotics decided? Keep reading to learn what payload is, why it matters and how to determine what it is.

How a Fleet Management System (FMS) for AMRs Operates Alongside Your Staff

the combination of autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) run by a fleet management system (FMS) and human workers can increase productivity,

The Robotization of Processes: Helping Workers Across the Globe

  In 2019, economists from Oxford University made a bold prediction: By 2030, they said, robots could be filling as many as 20 million manufacturing jobs around the world. In...

Introducing the Yujin Robot DIM Series

Introducing the Dynamic Interchangeable Module DIM series, the latest accessory development from Yujin Robot. DIM is an optimum robot superstructure concept designed to maximize the abilities and ROI of Yujin’s existing GoCart system. 

3 Ways AMRs improve patient safety

AMRs improve patient safety and comfort by reducing the spread of infectious diseases, providing contact-free sterilization, delivering food

How SLAM and 3D LiDAR Solve for AMR Technology

SLAM is a method used for autonomous mobile robots AMR technology that lets you build a map and localize your vehicle in that map at the same time.

How Sensors and Response Capability Have Made Robots Safer

Robot sensor can take on many forms including touch sensors that give the robot the ability to stop if it comes in contact

How Hospitals Can Benefit From a Robotic Delivery System

Hospital robotic delivery system are designed to quickly and consistently make rounds to ensure patients are receiving optimal care

Prepare for the future of your business with the latest insights for digital transformation.

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