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  • 👉🏼 Title : Company History | YUJIN ROBOT
  • 👉🏼 Description : You can meet the long history of YUJIN ROBOT since 1988. We’re the first robotics company in Republic of Korea and always concentrate on our own technology and development.
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  • Overview
  • History & Awards


We introduce the history of YUJIN ROBOT, Korea’s first-generation robot company that has been in business since 1988.

Since its establishment in 1988, YUJIN ROBOT has developed along with the robotics industry for more than 30 years and has produced robots that perform tasks in various fields, including soccer, education, defense, and cleaning robots. With the success of its robot vacuum cleaner (iClebo) and SAS (Smart Automation System) division, YUJIN ROBOT has received a lot of attention in Korea for its cutting-edge technology research and development over the years.


In 2021, YUJIN Robot established the AMS Division (Autonomous Mobile Solution Division) as a new future business and laid the foundation for a leap forward from the existing B2C robot vacuum cleaner business to the B2B and global markets. In addition, the AMS Division and SAS Division We are leading the 4th Industrial Revolution era with innovative logistics automation, factory automation, and smart factory solutions.

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History & Awards

  • Stage1 : 1988 ~ 1998 / Technology accumulation stage for robot business

    • March 1988

      Establishment of YUJIN ROBOT Co., Ltd.



    • March 1990

      System House contract signed with American company Adept

    • July 1995

      Development of fully automatic marking robot system (Hyundai Heavy Industries)

    • September 1996

      Distributor agreement signed with Staubi Robot and Climetrix

    • December

      Completed automation of 6 German factories in cooperation with German robot company and established Fatec

    • February 1997

      Establishment of an affiliated research center for an intelligent robot company

    • June

      Development of acceleration sensor semiconductor TTT system (Motorola)

  • Stage2 : 1999 ~ 2008 / Intelligent robot commercialization stage

    • August 1999

      Joint development of dangerous work robots with the Korea Institute of Science and Technology

    • January 2001

      Period of hosting the next-generation game/entertainment robot development task (Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy)

    • February 2003

      Selected as a National Excellent Manufacturing Technology Research Institute (Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy)

    • April 2004

      Commercialization of high-risk work robots (exported to Japan and Australia - provided to Zaytun troops)

    • June

      Launch of home robot iRobi



      회사연혁_흰색글씨 (1)X2


    • November

      iRobi wins the Grand Prize of Intelligent Robot Competition (Ministry of Science and Technology)

    • December

      ROBHAZ, a dangerous work robot, won the award in the new technology category (KT Certificate) (Ministry of Science and Technology)



      회사연혁_흰색글씨 (1) copy 5X2

    • January 2005

      Launched iClebo cleaning robot

    • October

      Listed on KOSDAQ (Gina World merger)

    • November

      Acquired ISO 9001 certification

    • September 2006

      Started exporting cleaning robots to Europe, Japan, Canada, etc.

    • November

      iRobi Q won the Korea U-Robot Grand Prize (Ministry of Information and Communication)

    • April 2007

      Launched iClebo-free cleaning robot



      회사연혁_흰색글씨 (1) copy 6


    • December

      Launched iClebo-free cleaning robot

    • October 2008

      Launched iClebo Alpha (cleaning robot) and iRobi Q (educational robot for children)

  • Stage3 : 2009 ~ Present / A stepping stone for global robot companies

    • July 2009

      Selected as a promising small and medium-sized enterprise for export (Seoul Regional Small and Medium Business Administration)

    • September

      ISO14001 Acquired Environmental Management System Certification (KAB)

    • November

      The first service robot company to win the top prize of $1 million in export (Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy)

    • July 2010

      iClebo Smart Cleaning Robot Launched

    • October

      Selected as a technology innovative small and medium-sized enterprise (INNO-BIZ)

    • December

      iClebo Smart Cleaning Robot Acquires Intelligent Robot Quality Certificate

    • January 2011

      iClebo Cleaning Robot Selected as Hi Seoul Brand

    • December

      Won the top prize of $5 million export (Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy)

    • Selected as a world-class product (Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy)

    • January 2012

      Service Robot Selected as Hi Seoul Brand

    • June

      Launched home educational robot iRobi Home

    • October

      iClebo Arte wins KES Award for Best Design

    • December 2013

      iClebo Cleaning Robot Selected as Korea's Most Successful Product of the Year

    • June 2014

      Acquired intelligent robot quality certification (KIRIA)

    • March 2016

      iClebo Omega launched

    • April

      Certified Engineer (CEC)

    • June

      FCC (Federal Communications Commission) certification

    • GoCart, a self-driving logistics robot, was unveiled for the first time (IFA Fair in Europe) gocart


    • December

      Won the $20 Million Export Award (Korea International Trade Association)

    • January 2017

      Participated in CES 2017 exhibition

    • April

      ROHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) certification

    • June

      iClebo Iron Man / iClebo Star Wars Collaboration Model Released

    • July

      Designated as a Global Institute of Good Technology (Ministry of Industry and Statistics)

    • December

      Winner of the Capek Award (China Robot Industry Association)

    • Miele, Germany, attracts strategic investors

    • January 2018

      iClebo A3 released

    • February

      GoCart in Daejeon Eulji Hospital

    • May

      Songdo New Office Building Relocated (Incheon Yeonsu-gu Harmonyro 183 37)

    • October

      CE (European Community Mark) certification

    • Launched GoCart120 and YUJIN 3D LiDAR autonomous logistics robot yujin_lidar


    • iClebo O5 released

    • November

      KT and iClebo Giga Genie Edition Released

    • December

      Selected as a world-class product (Ministry of Knowledge Economy)

    • March 2019

      Acquired CCC (China Quality Certification) in March

    • July

      Launched robot vacuum cleaner iClebo G5 (Genie)

    • September

      Winner of the 2019 CSBA (Consumer Satisfaction Brand Award)

    • October

      Unveiling of GoCart60, an autonomous logistics robot

    • November

      iClebo G5 Black Edition Released

    • January 2021

      Launched the autonomous driving mobile platform GoCart 180 model

    • GoCart became the first domestic logistics robot to obtain ISO 13482 certification

    • February

      YUJIN ROBOT elects new CEO Sung-joo Park

    • July

      Launch of GoCart 250 model / Export to Slovenia Slovenj Gradec Hospital



    • Launched robot vacuum cleaner iClebo G5 Prime

    • October

      iClebo G7 released

    • December

      iClebo G10 released

    • March 2022

      Participation in the MODEX 2022 exhibition

    • September

      Autonomous Logistics Robot GoCart Omni 200



    • Supplied by the Central Disinfection Supply Department of Steelco Hospital in Italy

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