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  • 👉🏼 Title : Logistics automation solution in warehouse | YUJIN ROBOT
  • 👉🏼 Description : We’ve been providing logistics automation solution that are applied in various ranges of industrial sites based on AMR. You can experience the latest robot technology with well-developed automation system.
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Warehouse Logistics Automation

DPS Order Picking Solution through GoCart

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Warehouse Logistics Automation


YUJIN ROBOT applies logistics automation based on autonomous driving mobility technology to various areas ranging from industrial sites to daily life. Based on the technology of Korea's first-generation robot company, we have independently developed robot component units such as SLAM, Navigation, and 3D LiDAR, and provide end-to-end robotics solutions in factories, warehouses, and hospitals through GoCart, an autonomous mobile platform. Through our solutions, we complete a logistics automation system that increases production efficiency and provides customer satisfaction and value.

YUJIN ROBOT's warehouse automation solution is based on DPS (Digital Picking System), which digitally displays the picking quantity on a digital indicator frequently used in logistics sites, allowing anyone to quickly and accurately perform order picking without a separate slip to help you complete your work. In addition, by combining with GoCart, an autonomous AMR, DPS Cart accurately transports products to a designated location without separate operator intervention.


Yujin Robot's
DPS AMR solution

The DPS AMR solution is a solution that allows a cart combined with the DPS system to move to a designated location with an autonomous robot without additional operator intervention. Carts equipped with DPS digitally mark the boxes to be placed in each product location by matching them with the products to be picked, and help transport products without a separate slip.


Optimized for warehouse environment

Optimization for small quantity batch production, multi-frequency type of logistics environment

Systematic sorting task

Sorting by cart unit and product order possible


Maximize work efficiency

Improved picking efficiency by minimizing movement lines


Data management support

Picking and inspection can be performed simultaneously and support productivity and index management functions.


Minimize process errors

Electronic indicators provide location guidance for each category and eliminate erroneous work.


Benefits of
Yujin Robot’s warehouse logistics automation solution

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1) Improved production efficiency

Reduce errors in work, fast and safe productivity through DPS Cart System

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2) Safe working environment

Preventing worker injuries and creating a pleasant working environment

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3) Reduce operating costs

Eliminates unnecessary costs and enables efficient manpower composition


Yujin Robot's
Warehouse logistics automation solution features

DPS Cart AMR Solution applied

Minimize movement and work time in conjunction with AMR and maximize order picking work efficiency

특징 1번-DPS cart AMR solution 관련 사진
아티클 구분선(실선)

GoCart can be linked with various onboard devices

Supports various upper devices tailored to customer environment and work process

특징 2번-GoCart와 다양한 차상장치 연동 가능
아티클 구분선(실선)
아티클 구분선(실선)

Case Studies



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Product brochure is available for download.

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