Fleet Management System


Centralized multi-robot management software platform for optimal integration with indoor infrastructure and devices


YUJIN FMS (Fleet Management System) is Yujin Robot’s proprietary centralized multi-robot management software suite running on a server. FMS assists deployment of Autonomous Mobile Robots in multi-floor buildings, supports on-demand and scheduled job assignments to optimal robot workers via GUI, prevents deadlocks and bottlenecks in traffic, bridges with other IoT systems (MES, ERP, etc.), and allows the fleet to scale up as necessary. In summary, YUJIN FMS provides the following features:

  • Site configuration
  • Traffic control
  • Task assignment
  • Scheduling
  • Resource management
  • Communication
  • Building Integration
  • Monitoring
  • Reporting

YUJIN FMS Configuration

Yujin Robot provides ROCON (RObotics in CONcert), a Fleet Management System (FMS) software platform, to install, operate, and monitor a single mobile robot or a fleet of robots in various indoor environments. As in a concert, through ROCON, robots will be harmoniously integrated with external infrastructure including elevators, automatic doors, IoT devices, and IT services. To use the ROCON platform, Yujin Robot provides FMS Server device, as well as our proprietary FMS softwares—Concert (FMS Server software), Balcony, and Fleet Management User Interface (FMUI).

Fleet management system

FMS Server

FMS Server is a mini PC device containing Concert, the FMS Server software. It manages the entire FMS network connecting the user PC, mobile robots, elevators/automatic doors, and MES/WMS for optimal robot workflow.


Balcony, a scheduling FMS Software, provides the GUI enabling the user to assign tasks to each robot. Jobs can be reserved or executed repeatedly, and robots put on standby as necessary. Through Balcony, you may view the job history and monitor the robot status in real time.


FMUI, a map-based FMS Software, provides the GUI for setting key locations, such as starting points, waypoints, destinations, charging stations, and prohibited zones. You can also mark and edit the elevators and automatic doors. FMUI enables robots to locate themselves with respect to the map and plan paths accordingly.

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