Autonomous Mobility Solutions


An end-to-end robotization solution that transforms a manual device into an autonomously navigating intelligent machine

The human desire to be freed from repetitive and tiring day-to-day tasks, such as cleaning and washing dishes, has given birth to the invention of household appliances like the vacuum cleaner and dishwasher. Industry and warehouse workers who handle labor-intensive and dangerous jobs, such as transporting heavy loads across long distances, have an even stronger desire to be released from such tasks. This need, along with frequent accidents and personnel changes, has led to the rise of automation in certain work environments, but the product line is limited.

Hence, Yujin’s solution is to “transform manually driven machines into autonomous, self-navigating robots.” With a robotization solution, we are moving from the traditional approach of replacing existing manual machines with robots to an approach that robotizes the machines already onhand. Yujin’s product line-up makes this approach possible and includes 3D LiDAR, SLAM, navigation, FMS and safety solutions.

See our case study below transforming a manually driven hospital meal trolley into an autonomously navigating machine for a deeper dive into how robotization can increase cost-efficiency and ultimatley enhance the quality of life for everyone involved. 

Case Study

YUJIN autonomous solution meets Myungse meal trolleys

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What Yujin’s robotization solution offers
in empowering your manual machines:

  • transforms any device to an autonomous mobile robot 
  • equipped with tailored robotics solutions experts 
  • cost-effective custom packages backed by extensive R&D 
  • field-tested for reliable operation in real environments 
  • safe and efficient robot fleet management and control 
  • timely development and simple maintenance 


  • SLAM
  • Navigation
  • FMS


  • Sensors (LiDAR, etc.)
  • SLAM-Navigation Controller
  • Safety Controller


  • Project Analysis
  • Project Scope
  • Project Duration

System Integration

  • Drive Unit Development
  • Custom Hardware and Software Development

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AMS_Target Applications_Carts/Trolleys


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