Yujin Robot, South Korea’s leading service robot company, will participate in the world’s largest IT and consumer electronics exhibition called “CES 2019” in Las Vegas from Jan. 8-11.

Yujin Robot is going to introduce its self-driving logistics delivery system called GoCart 120 (GoCart 120), which introduced upgraded models through several exhibitions under its own ‘LiDAR‘ sensor’ technology at CES 2019, and demonstrate its latest robot vacuum cleaner called ‘iClebo O5’ that is equipped with artificial intelligence.

The Lida sensor, which will be demonstrated by Yujin Robot in this exhibition, is a technology that recognizes indoor environment or things in three dimensions, and features such as mapping, precise measurement, and recognition of obstacles.

In particular, Yujin Robot’s LiDAR can be installed in small home appliances such as robot vacuum cleaners in smaller sizes, and it is of superior quality and low price compared to competing products, as well as guaranteed wide field of view 1 (FOV), which can be applied in various industries that require safety and security sensors such as service robot sector and safety laser scanner.

Yujin Robot’s radar sensor is a 2D radar sensor and a 3D radar sensor according to specifications. It will be divided into four products, each of which will be divided into two sensors, and it will participate in CES 2019 to demonstrate that it recognizes space and objects within its exhibition booth.