Yujin Robot will participate in South Korea’s largest robot festival “2019 RoboWorld” to be held at KINTEX in Ilsan from Oct. 9-12, unveiling and demonstrating self-driving logistics delivery robots researched and developed by Yujin Robot and sensor technologies that are applied to the fourth industry and robot industry.

At this 2019 RoboWorld, Yujin Robotics will introduce its first high-tech self-driving logistics delivery system GoCart 60 (GoCart 60) for the first time since its debut at RoboWorld 2018.

The self-driving logistics delivery system “GoCart” is equipped with a “self-driving solution” that incorporates Yujin Robot’s independent technology, and is an autonomous logistics robot that analyzes space accurately and delivers goods on its own to its destination. The exhibition will recreate images used in actual industrial sites such as factories and logistics warehouses.

Gokat uses stereo cameras, 3D sensors, and ultrasonic sensors to accurately analyze space and avoid collisions by recognizing people or obstacles, and can also be connected to the internal system of smart buildings through the robot control system (FMS) developed by Yujin Robot.

Along with GoCart 60, Yujin Robot will also introduce Yujin Robot’s own sensor technology called ‘3D Lida’ and Safety Lida sensors at the RoboWorld. In the 3D Lida Zone, the result screen of the radar sensor can be directly viewed by the radar sensor, and in the Safety Lida Zone, when it enters the radius of the radar sensor. You can experience the sensor’s sense of this time.

It’s Yujin Robot’s 3D line. Sensor is a technology that recognizes things in three dimensions, both indoors and outdoors, and it is applied not only to fast and precise recognition of objects, but also to dark environments, enabling accurate recognition. Its special feature is that it can be used in many ways in the service bot sector, as well as in the fourth and fourth industries where there is a need to recognize people or things such as safety doors, because quality is better than competitive products and price is cheaper.