Yujin Robot announced on Monday that its robot vacuum cleaner brand iClebo will open its new stores in 13 branches nationwide and hold a special event for a month from Sept. 1 to commemorate the launch.

The new product is the new iClevo Genie (G5), which was released in July, and you can see it at 299,000 won, a 15 percent discount, at the Homeplus store event. The Homeplus branch, which houses the yujin Robot iClebo, is located in 13 locations across the country, including Myeonmok Branch in Seoul, Songdo & Cheongna Branch in the Seoul metropolitan area, Yeongtong Branch in Suwon and Dongsuwon Branch, as well as Wonju, Goyang Terminal, Changwon, Suncheon and Hyoja Branch in Jeonju.

Yujin Robot has organized a special event to celebrate its entry into the store in a bid to benefit consumers in various regions visiting Homeplus stores and help them purchase robot vacuum cleaners that are widely seen as popular holiday gifts in celebration of the upcoming Holiday.

The iClevo Genie (G5) is equipped with a water duster function that can be used for inhalation cleaning in 3-in1 (three-in-one) to satisfy the needs of modern people such as remote cleaning function and sophisticated design, while reducing the price burden of robotic vacuum