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Yujin Robot's GoCart in the Spotlight... Handles Heavy Loads and Avoids Obstacles with Ease

yujinrobotcorp 2024-06-17
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Yujin Robot's flagship product, the autonomous logistics robot GoCart, is leveraging its various technological advantages to penetrate global markets. It is currently exported to five countries, including the United States and Germany, with plans to establish overseas branches in the U.S. and Europe by 2024. Reporter Seok-won Bae provides more details:


A wheeled robot carries the ordered coffee to its destination. It navigates curved paths and elevators without any human assistance. This is Yujin Robot's flagship autonomous logistics robot, GoCart, in actual operation. Yujin Robot currently develops and produces two GoCart models with base load capacities of 180 kg and 250 kg. 


The company is already working on developing 500-kg and 1-ton capacity models. The GoCart features enhanced object recognition and safety through technologies such as LiDAR, which acts as the robot's eyes. First launched in 2021, the GoCart has garnered more attention in overseas markets than in the domestic market.

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