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Yujin Robot Launches Full Series of Autonomous Logistics Robots, Spotlight on GoCart 500

yujinrobotcorp 2024-06-17
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Thanks to the government's policies to promote the robotics industry, robotics companies are gaining attention, especially in the field of autonomous robots. 
Reporter Seok-won Bae covered the unveiling of Yujin Robot's new autonomous logistics robots: 

This is Yujin Robot's exhibition booth at this year’s Smart Factory + Automation World expo.

It attracted many visitors who were captivated by the logistics robots autonomously carrying heavy boxes and avoiding obstacles.

Yujin Robot showcased its flagship autonomous logistics robots, the GoCart series, presenting the GoCart 180, 250, and 500 models. 
With just two to three hours of charging, these robots can operate for up to ten hours.

YUJIN ROBOT provides the Robotics & Automation solutions needed for companies to build more innovative smart factories.

Start an innovative change with YUJIN ROBOT’s certified experts.
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