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iClebo Genie first launched Homeshopping

yujinrobotcorp 2019-09-02
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Yujin Robot’s robot vacuum cleaner brand iClebo hosted a home shopping launch broadcast of its latest robot vacuum cleaner “iClebo Genie” through Hyundai Home Shopping for 60 minutes from 10:25 a.m. on Thursday, Sept. 12, when the Chuseok holiday kicks off.

With the Hyundai home shopping broadcast, yujin Robot Robot’s new “iClebo Genie” will start selling its first product on the home shopping channel, and as the need for robot vacuumers, which can easily resolve floor cleaning with a reservation function on a daily basis, it prepared for the launch of home shopping to reflect customers who wanted a detailed explanation of its product power.

‘iClebo Genie’ (G5), which will be introduced in July, is the latest robot vacuum cleaner that is installed in 3-in-1 so that inhalation and water duster can be cleaned separately or simultaneously, depending on the trend of increasing preference for water duster function due to fine dust. While it has satisfactory cleaning power and meets modern people’s needs such as remote cleaning function and sophisticated design, it has greatly reduced price burden, increasing accessibility so that one-person households and various households can purchase the robot vacuum cleaner without any burden.

In particular, users can use Wi-Fi APP (Wi-Fi APP) with their smartphones to clean remotely whenever and wherever they want. Because it can check clean-up commands, control, and status of cleaning robots in and out of the house through a dedicated application, it has been receiving positive reviews since its launch that it has been equipped with meticulous cleaning power and convenience.

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