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Privacy Policy

* If you have signed a separate contract with YUJIN ROBOT Co., Ltd.(the “Company”), such contract may take precedence over Privacy Policy(the “Privacy Policy”) herein.


0. Purpose

Company hereby established Privacy Policy to protect the personal information of users(the “User(s)”) in accordance with Article 30 of the Personal Information Protection Act of the Republic of Korea.
The scope of Users includes you and employees of your organization, and user information(the “Information”) includes personal information and customer inquiry information of customers you manage, as well as personal information of employees affiliated with your organization and generated in the course of work.
This Privacy Policy explains the way of treatment of the Information which is provided or collected in the web sites, CRM system, software and services(the “Service(s)”).
This Privacy Policy contains not only personal information(“Personal Information”) but also non-identifiable information.  

1. Information to be collected and method, purpose of collection

1.1. The Company may collect and use the following information for the purpose of providing, improving and protecting the Services.  
1.1.1. Information provided on the website  

(1) Scope The Company collects personal information, company and organization information which Users entered directly on the website as follows:

Personal information first name, last name, Contact, region/country information, email address, phone number
Company and organization information company (organization) name, telephone number, domain of use, industry classification, representative contact point, etc.
Other information Whether to receive email/newsletter subscriptions, products of interest, consent to collect personal information, and other inquiries
Main purpose of the collection 1. Management of the Service Personal information will be processed for identification and certification of Users, registration process for executing purchase contracts and implementation of pre-contract measures, prevention of improper use of Services, preservation of documents for dispute mediation, and various notices. 2. Management of complaints Personal information will be processed for the purpose of identification of civil petitioners, confirmation of civil petitions, contact and notification for fact-finding, and notification of processing results. 3. Marketing activities Personal information may be processed for marketing purposes, such as providing information for events.

  (2) Purpose Information may be collected for the purpose of management of the Service, management of complaints, and marketing activities.   (3) Rejection and deletion Users may request deletion of Information by sending mail to Company's email address (  

1.1.2. Cookies

(1) Scope Google Analytics uses cookies and other tracking technologies to collect Information automatically. The Company may use Google Analytics to improve its experience by allowing Users to see how he/she uses the website. Permission to use and share information collected in Google Weblog Analysis is limited by the terms and conditions of Google Analytics ( and Google Privacy Statement (

Device information Collects information about devices and applications used to access the Services, such as IP addresses, operating systems, browser IDs, and other information about systems and connections.
Log data Web server collects a log file which records data each time a device accesses the server, including the original IP address. The Company may also access metadata and other information related to the files which Users upload to the Service.
Product data The Company collects data whenever Users use the Service and such data may include the date and time, browsing activities (e.g., the portion of the Service, etc.). The Company may also collect information related to the performance of the Service, including measurements related to the deliverability of email and other communications methods sent through the Service.
Main purpose of the collection 1. Convenience for Users e.g. to determine the language of the Service through location information 2. Improvement of Service 3. Providing event and advertising information 4. Determination of illegal access

  (2) Cookies Some features on the website, such as language setting applications and notification lists, require the use of cookies technically, and Users have the option of installing cookies. Users may set options in their web browsers to allow or deny all cookies. However, if Users refuse to save cookies, Users may have difficulty using customized services. If Users want to refuse to collect cookies, he/she may set it as follows:

① Select [Internet Option] in the [Tools] menu
② Click [Privacy] tab
③ Set [Privacy Process Level]  

1.1.3. Newsletter

(1) Scope If Users apply for a newsletter subscription of the Company’s website, the following information may be collected:

Necessary information Language information(Korean/English), registration date and time
Optional information First name, last name, contact, region/country information, company, position, preference

  (2) Purpose Information listed above is collected for the purpose of preventing theft of newsletter services or email addresses used and for the use of identifying Users if he/she voluntarily provides his/her position, first name or last name.   (3) Retention period E-mail addresses will be stored while the newsletter subscription function is active, and other information will be kept for 5 years and may be used for the Company's marketing activities.  
(4) Rejection and deletion opportunities Users may unsubscribe to the newsletter at any time, and unsubscribe to the newsletter is considered a withdrawal of consent to save User’s personal information.  

1.1.4. Newsletter tracking

(1) Scope Subscription of the newsletter is considered as consent to include Web Beacon or tracking pixels to identify Users' subscription habits. For evaluation of user behavior, the Company may link Web Beacon with the information collected in Article 1.1.3. to the User's email address and individual ID (number).  

(2) Purpose Information collected by tracking newsletters is collected for the purpose of identifying Users' common subscription habits to customize content to all Users or to transfer various content according to their interests.  

(3) Rejection and deletion opportunities Users may use the link provided in the newsletter to withdraw his/her consent. If the User has disabled displaying images in the email application byusing standard settings, such tracking may not work. In this case, Users will not be able to view the entire newsletter and may not be able to access all of its functions. On the other hand, allowing the image to be visible enables a newsletter tracking function.

1.2. Collected information may be used for personal notices, handling inquiries or disputes arising from Users' use of the Service, transmission of content related to payment services, or payment process. In addition, such information can be used to provide statistical analysis for new customized services, to provide event and advertising information, to comply with obligations required for relevant laws and regulations, and to prevent inappropriate use of information. In case when the Company processes the User's information for other purposes, the Company will request consent from the Users.  

2. Disclosure of collected information to the third party

2.1. The Company shall process personal information only within the scope specified in the aforementioned purposes in Article 1, and shall not use it beyond the scope without the Users’ consent or, in principle, disclose the Information.  
2.2. The company may share Information with the third party listed below, but shall not sell it to advertisers or the other third parties.  
2.2.1. Partner The Company uses vendors for storage, network and technical services, and information mailing. These partners, only if consigned by the Company, may access management and supervision in relation to whether partners comply with this Privacy Policy.  
2.2.2. Legal and public interest The Company may disclose user information to third parties (a) to comply with applicable laws, regulations, legal procedures or appropriate government requests, (b) to protect from death or severe injury, (c) to protect fraud or abuse of the Company or Users, (d) to protect the Company's rights, property, safety or interests, (e) to take care of proper public interest.  

3. Consignment

3.1. The Company may consign the personal information processing business to improve the Service, and shall disclose the details of the consigned business through this Privacy Policy without delay.  

4. Period of retention and use of personal information

4.1. In principle, Users' personal information shall be deleted without delay when the purpose of collecting and using personal information is achieved.
4.2. Personal information, including personally identifiable information, will be deleted when the retention period expires.
4.3. The retention period stated in Article 4.2. means 10 years from the acquisition date. However, if it is necessary to preserve it under the provisions of the relevant laws, such as the Commercial Act, etc. The company shall store the personal information for a certain period prescribed by the relevant laws.
Documents Relevant laws Retention period
Records on marketing and advertising Act on the consumer protection in electronic commerce, etc. 6 months
Records on contracts and withdrawal of subscriptions Act on the consumer protection in electronic commerce, etc. 5 years
Records of payment, supply of goods Act on the consumer protection in electronic commerce, etc. 5 years
Records of consumer complaints or disputes Act on the consumer protection in electronic commerce, etc. 3 years
Records on electronic financial transactions Electronic financial transactions act 5 years
Every documents required to be preserved by tax laws Framework act on national taxes 5 years
Login information and location information Protection of communications secrets act 3 months


5. Procedure and method of destruction of personal information

5.1. In principle, the Company destructs the information immediately after the purposes of its collection and use have been achieved without delay.
  • Destruction procedures• Information collected for membership will be transferred to a separate DB (in case of paper, separate document box) and destructed after a certain period according to the relevant laws.
  • Personal information shall not be used for any purpose other than being held under the relevant laws.
  • Destruction method• Hardcopy of personal information will be shredded or destroyed by incineration.
  • Personal information stored in electronic file form will be deleted using irreversible technologies.

6. Right and obligations of Users and legal representatives

6.1. Users may exercise his/her rights to the Company at any time, such as perusal, correction, deletion, suspension of processing of personal information. These rights may be exercised through the legal representative or the delegated agent. The Company may confirm whether the person who made the request for perusal, correction or deletion, or suspension of processing personal information is the User himself/herself or his/her legal representative.  
6.2. The Users’ rights may be restricted under Article 35 (4) and Article 37 (2) of the Personal Information Protection Act. In addition, requests for correction and deletion of personal information may be restricted if the personal information is specified to be collected under relevant laws.  

7. Exclusion

7.1. This Privacy Policy does not apply to the service feedback or voluntarily provided information.
7.2. Such information includes, but not limited to changes in new or existing goods or services, and voluntary opinion(the “Feedback and Voluntary Information”).
7.3. All Feedback and Voluntary Information are considered non-confidential, and the Company is allowed to store, reproduce, use, alter, distribute, exhibit, create and commercialize Feedback and Voluntary Information.  

8. Amendment of Privacy Policy

8.1. The Company may amend this Privacy Policy to apply changes in the Services or relevant laws, etc. In case of amendment, the Company will notify Users of such amendment. Continuing to use this website, the Company’s products and the Services will be deemed as consent for this Privacy Policy. If the User disagrees with the amendment, the Company may suspend the Service supply.  

9. Security

9.1. The company is taking the following measures to ensure the safety of personal information.
  • Management measures: establishment and implementation of internal management plans, regular employee training, etc.
  • Technical measures: management of access rights to personal information processing systems, installation of access control systems, encryption of unique identification information, and installation of security programs
  • Physical measures: controlling access to computer rooms, data storage rooms, etc.
9.2. When transmitting and receiving information with other companies, the Company maintains securities by using industry-standard technologies.
9.3. The Company takes security measures to protect information from the accidental or illegal risks.  

10. Privacy Officer

10.1. As a privacy officer, The CEO of the Company is responsible for handling the personal information of customers and shall strive to manage VoC (Voice of the Customer) and compensation for the damage. l Privacy officer: Sung Ju Park
Inquiry about Privacy Policy: +82-32-550-2300,
10.2. Users may inquire about Privacy Policy, VoC (Voice of the Customer), compensation for the damage, etc., through the contact information above. The Company will respond and handle the inquiries without delay.

11. Compliance with the general data protection regulations of the European Union

The Company may provide services to users located in the European Economic Area (“EEA”), in which case the Company’s User Privacy Policy shall comply with the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (hereinafter referred to as “EEA”). “GDPR” ) and the laws of each Member State.
When processing user personal information, the Company shall meet GDPR standards, and therefore, in addition to the provisions of this Privacy Policy, the Company shall add the following GDPR-related notes for users located in the EEA:  

11.1 Legal Title For the purpose of providing Services, the Company is considered a “controller” as defined by the GDPR, and for processing customers’ personal information, the Company is considered a “processor”.  
11.2. Legal Basis The legal basis for the processing of personal information that the Company uses for the purposes specified in Article 1 of this Privacy Policy are as follows.
Use of cookies through Google Analytics Legal Basis
SECTION 1.1: USE OF SERVICES AND MEMBERSHIP MANAGEMENT Necessary for fulfillment of the Agreement
SECTION 1.1: Managing VoC (Voice of Customer) Necessary for fulfillment of the Agreement
SECTION 1.1: Use of cookies through Google Analytics Consent by the data subject (user)
SECTION 1.1: Statistical analysis of new customized services Necessary for the legitimate profit generation of The Company
SECTION 1.1: Notification of events and advertisement information Necessary for the legitimate profit generation of The Company
SECTION 1.1: Compliance with applicable legal and regulatory obligations Necessary for the legitimate profit generation of The Company
SECTION 1.1: Use of user information to prevent misuse of information that may cause harm to users in violation of applicable laws or these Terms of Use Necessary for performing tasks for the public interest
SECTION 1.2: Transfer of payment-related content or payment process Necessary for fulfillment of the Agreement


11.3 Underage user The Company does not provide the Services to users under the age of 16. If Users find out that a minor is using the Service, Users may ask the Company to delete the personal information.  
11.4 International data transfer Use of the Services for Users located in the EEA means that the personal data will be transferred from the EU to the Republic of Korea. The Republic of Korea is still classified as a “third country that does not provide an adequate level of data protection”.
The Company allows other appropriate measures such as the Privacy Policy including standard provisions required by the EU and companies cooperating in relation to Article 2 of this Privacy Policy, or other protective measures such as Privacy shield to adequately protect the transmission of personal information. If any of these actions occur, the Company will ask for your consent before transferring information to the EEA.  
11.5 Rights GDPR grants Users rights stated in Article 6 of this Privacy Policy, right to be informed, right of access, right to rectification, right to erasure, right to restriction of processing, right to data portability, right to object, automated individual decision-making, including profiling. The Users may exercise these rights in accordance with Article 6 and 10 of the Privacy Policy. If Users wish to file a complaint regarding the Company's handling of personal information, Users may contact the Company. If the Company does not resolve the complaint properly, the User may complain it to the EU Information Protection Agency. The Company has designated an information protection agency located in the Netherlands(  

12. HubSpot
12.1. Collected information and the purpose of data processing
The Company's website uses HubSpot services from HubSpot Inc. for the purpose of marketing and sales. HubSpot collects anonymous usage data using cookies, which are text files stored on the User’s web browser. HubSpot also uses web beacons (invisible graphics, hereinafter “Beacon” or “Web Beacon”, depending on the context). These Beacons allow the Company to evaluate information such as visitor traffic to web pages on the website. The information that cookies and Beacons generate about the usage of the website and the advertising format is only permitted to be shared between HubSpot and the HubSpot's contractual partners. The Company may customize its website to the customers' interests and needs by using HubSpot's advertising and tracking tools.   12.2. Data retention period HubSpot retains information derived from cookies and other tracking technologies for a reasonable period of time from the date the information was created. Changing the setting of the browser can prevent cookies from being installed. However, this may limit access to some features on the website. Users can also exercise the right to reject, adjust, delete or limit the processing of the data, or the right to transfer the data at any time, If you have any questions about Hubspot's privacy policy or privacy practices, please contact us by online request on the page below or by mail on the address below.

Online Request :

Mail Address : Nicholas Knoop HubSpot, Inc. 25 First Street, 2nd Floor Cambridge, MA 02141 USA


13. Amendment of the Privacy Policy

The Company reserves the right to amend this Privacy Policy in order to comply with related laws and regulations. This applies equally to B2B service products among the product groups on the Company with the exception of iCLEBO products and services,
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