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Introducing the Yujin Robot DIM Series

yujinrobotcorp 2023-01-30
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Introducing the Dynamic Interchangeable Module (DIM) series, the latest accessory development from Yujin Robot. DIM is an optimum robot superstructure concept designed to maximize the abilities and ROI of Yujin’s existing GoCart system.  


The DIM series features a modular design that allows for the easy interchangeability of modules, making it possible to customize the robot’s functionality to meet the specific needs of each application. This makes the DIM series an ideal choice for a wide range of applications, from manufacturing and assembly to logistics and healthcare.  


In addition, the DIM series is designed for easy integration with Yujin Robot’s GoCart autonomous mobile robot systems, making it a cost-effective solution for businesses looking to enhance the use of robotics within their operations.  


How DIM Works 

The DIM series comprises two unique modules: DIM1 and DIM2. DIM 1 is designed to lift up and move various superstructures (such as containers or racks from a designated parking station) and deliver them safely to a second station. DIM2 is similar in concept, but it lifts up and hooks onto a structure like a wheeled cart. This allows DIM2 to transport structures without relying on a parking station at each delivery point.  


See DIM in Action 

In the below video clip, you’ll see DIM1 attached to Yujin’s autonomous mobile robot, GoCart; it docks underneath the parking station, picks up a platform and begins its route to a second delivery station.  Now watch DIM2, atop GoCart, as it picks up a wheeled cart and begins transporting it.  




How DIM Is Used  

The DIM series has applications in any location where autonomous mobile robots are used to make life easier for human workers. Two areas that have benefited dramatically from AMRs are warehouses and hospitals. 




Warehouses. In warehouses and manufacturing facilities, AMRs like GoCart frequently replace pallet jacks, tug trucks and human muscle in front-end and back-end operations. Adding DIM, GoCart is even more efficient because it reduces the need for human intervention across the line — from receiving to preparing products for shipment when loading and unloading pallets and delivering bulky wheeled carts. 


Hospitals. Hospitals benefit from delivery robots in numerous ways, from saving nursing staff steps in delivering lab samples to easing staff shortages by taking over laundry and meal delivery. Because hospitals often have their own specially designed cabinets for transport, DIM1 is designed with a bottom plate with fixture points to secure superstructures like sample cabinets to its base. DIM2 secures wheeled carts with pop-up pins.  


No matter the application, the DIM concept provides more flexibility and accessibility without human intervention for loading, unloading and exchanging cabinets.  




How DIM Makes GoCart Better 

Yujin Robot’s GoCart is an autonomous mobile robot (AMR) mounted with in-house developed 3D LiDAR and SLAM technology that provide GoCart with accurate localization information as it navigates autonomously in a map. In January 2021, GoCart received Korea’s first ISO 13482 based PL-d level safety certification.  


Compared to traditional autonomous guided vehicle (AGV) systems, GoCart installation and deployment time is much shorter and cost-efficient, making it more adaptive to infrastructural changes. GoCart’s compact size and agility allow it to be highly efficient in dynamic and narrow environments, as well as wide-area facilities like hospitals, factories and warehouses.  


GoCart has:  


  • A smaller footprint and increased adaptability for internal logistics 
  • 3D SLAM & Navigation based on YUJIN 3D LiDAR  
  • Smooth and reliable navigation in a dynamic environment 
  • Interfaces for top modules such as conveyors and collaborative robots 
  • Innovative, dynamic interchangeable module for ready-made top modules 
  • Smart interface with automatic doors and elevators via FMS  
  • Industry-accredited PL-d level safety system (EN ISO) 


GoCart systems can be easily integrated into existing systems and processes — including building facilities like elevators and automatic doors — to help increase performance and efficiency. A single- or multi-robot GoCart system can be managed and monitored using Yujin’s Fleet Management System (FMS). 




Adding DIM allows GoCart even more flexibility and autonomy as it makes deliveries.  

DIM can be outfitted with various types of top modules, like conveyor belts, pallet lifts, lift loading racks and tugging types. By changing modules, one GoCart can work around the clock to perform a wide range of tasks.  


System benefits include:  


  • Reduction of the risk of injuries related to manual loading and unloading of heavy loads  
  • Fast return on investment by using the system for various applications 
  • Save money while getting maximum use out of the system for applications like food, linen, medication and waste 
  • Can easily be expanded as needs grow 


Within the hospital environment, for example, a single GoCart equipped with a DIM station can be tasked to pick up and deliver food, medicine, linens and more on time and in a predetermined schedule. Because GoCart and DIM operate around the clock performing labor-intensive manual tasks, nurses and staff are freed to provide person-to-person patient care.  



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