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Yujin Robot Expands New AMR Lineup

yujinrobotcorp 2024-06-17
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Yujin Robot, a specialist in autonomous logistics robots and total smart factory solutions, has announced the launch of its new standard model, the GoCart 300 Omni, and plans to introduce a high-capacity custom autonomous mobile robot (AMR) with a maximum load capacity of 2 tons.


The GoCart Omni is an AMR capable of omnidirectional movement using omni wheels. It was ISO 13482 certified in 2021, which is required for export to Europe, and successfully entered the European healthcare market, gaining recognition for its performance. In response to the increasing demand for higher load capacities, Yujin Robot has upgraded the existing GoCart 200 Omni to handle loads of up to 300 kg, resulting in the GoCart 300 Omni. The company also plans to launch a high-capacity custom AMR capable of transporting up to 2 tons and expand its lineup with the GC1000 standard model by Q3 and the GC1500 by the end of the year.


The GoCart 300 Omni features wheels equipped with rollers canted at 45°, enabling precise movement and parking even in confined spaces, making it suitable for a wide range of dynamic environments and logistics applications. It incorporates Yujin Robot’s proprietary 3D LiDAR sensors, 3D sensors, and SLAM technology, providing rapid obstacle detection and emergency stop functions.

The company utilizes its proprietary Fleet Management System (FMS) to effectively manage multiple robots. The robots are equipped with smart interfaces that connect to automatic doors, elevators, and hospital systems. The GoCart 300 Omni has achieved IPX5 water-resistant rating, enabling its use in restricted areas such as COVID-19 wards and hospital sterilization facilities. Recently, the GoCart 200 Omni was supplied to Steelco, an Italian medical sterilization equipment company, where it is being used to transport surgical tool sterilization systems in the central sterilization departments of several European hospitals.




The high-capacity custom AMR can handle loads of up to 2 tons, twice the capacity of competitor models. Customers can choose from a range of options, including load capacity, onboard devices, drive units, and wheels, enabling optimal performance in diverse environments such as warehouses and factories.

"In response to the demand for higher load capacities, we have increased the GoCart Omni's capacity to 300 kg and plan to introduce a high-capacity custom AMR with double the transport capacity of competitor products," said Seong-ju Park, CEO of Yujin Robot. "We are committed to ongoing R&D to provide total smart factory solutions tailored to our customers' needs across various industries."


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