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Cutting Tools Manufacturer Sees Improved Delivery Processes with AMRs

Logistics Automation Robot Transport

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A Korean manufacturer has been at the forefront of innovation in cutting tool products, such as milling cutters, drills and forming tools, for 47 years. Boasting a rich history of continuous improvement, commitment to quality and adaptation to the latest technological advances, this Korean leader with a worldwide presence is now embracing a new wave of innovation with the adoption of Yujin Robot’s GoCart AMRs.

The Problem

Simple, repeating tasks, such as delivering heavy materials, can cause worker fatigue and lead to injuries. The cutting tool manufacturer faced such challenges when it came to moving products from one side of the warehouse to another. Workers had to manually move heavy materials using a three-stage steel cart.



The Solution

To solve this problem, the company needed to integrate an autonomous delivery system within its current system. This required establishing the basic infrastructure that would allow them to transition from manual deliveries to automated. 

The company sought a stable solution to increase delivery efficiency and lighten the load of human workers. They also wanted to work with a responsive company that could react quickly when called upon to answer questions or troubleshoot. 

Yujin Robot and its GoCart AMR presented the ideal solution. What stood out the most was GoCart’s specifications around payload, driving method and stable movement. The company also appreciated the rapid, efficient response from the Yujin team. Yujin’s expertise in robotics also meant they could offer innovative solutions backed by in-depth knowledge, helping the company overcome implementation challenges that came with integrating the autonomous delivery system seamlessly as well as any necessary repairs.


The Results

Within eight months, the company began seeing benefits from their two GoCart AMRs. Their delivery process became more streamlined, productivity increased, and material mishandling — which had previously led to quality issues — was down. The company expects to install six additional GoCarts at other manufacturing sites. 

Although the company is still in the early stages of integrating GoCart AMR technology, and exact metrics are still being calculated, it anticipates a 5% increase in production line efficiency as a direct result of using two GoCart AMRs. 

The human workforce is satisfied with their robot coworkers, particularly the improved working environment, reduction in movement time and the ability to concentrate on higher-level tasks. It’s clear that the company’s shortcomings in manual delivery processes are being addressed, laying the foundation for future productivity gains.




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