Yujin Robots, a robot company, said Thursday that it held a ceremony to mark the completion of its new building for Yujin Robot at its new building in Songdo International City, Incheon Korea.

In addition to company executives and employees who have led the growth of Yujin Robot, the head of the Incheon Free Economic Zone, the head of the KOSDAQ Association, and the head of the Korea Association of Robot Industry, about 200 guests from the construction company who have worked for the building attended the ceremony to mark the beginning of the era of Yujin Robot Songdo.

The completion ceremony was held for about an hour in the order of tape cutting ceremony to mark completion, video showing for completion, delivery of thank-you cards for construction companies and construction officials in charge of building construction, and exploration of the inside of congratulatory speech and new buildings.

The new building in Songdo, a Yujin Robot, began construction in January 2017 and was completed earlier this year, with a floor space of 14,654 square meters and a basement level.

It also sought to change the workplace to enhance communication between executives and employees and to refrish. The office space and conference room were glassed, and each floor corridor was designed to provide a view of the sky. In addition, the company will establish an in-house fitness center for work, health and life balance, and use it as a space to rest or share communion with colleagues through cafes and rooftop gardens on the first floor.